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New York County Surrogate's Court Update

As relayed by the staff at the New York County Surrogate's Court:

As part of the measures adopted by the NYS Unified Court System to combat the spread of COVID-19, the following actions are being implemented by the New York County Surrogate's Court effective April 13, 2020:

At this time, the court is addressing all essential matters as well as certain non-essential matters.  Most operations are being handled virtually or remotely. All urgent and essential matters, as well as all uncontested matters (in which waivers and consents have been fully executed and for which no citation need be issued), are being accepted for filing.  

Parties with urgent matters may contact the Chief Clerk's Office at , or at (917) 509-7218, or they may contact the court attorney-referee to whom the matter has been assigned, if any.

Only essential personnel will be in the courthouse.  No person should visit the courthouse without first contacting the Chief Clerk's Office at (917) 509-7218, or at .

Until further notice, petitions and other papers must be filed by mail (USPS or any express mail service) or, if authorized by court personnel, by electronic mail at .  Please provide your contact information, including an email address, with your filing. If papers are brought to the courthouse in person after consultation with the Chief Clerk's Office, they are to be left in a box outside Room 303.

Court personnel may contact petitioners or their counsel as needed once filed papers are reviewed.

Court attorney-referees may contact the parties in a matter for a conference, which will be conducted virtually.

All matters scheduled to be heard at calendars through May 31, 2020, have been or will adjourned administratively.  Parties must not appear in court.  Notices of future dates for court appearances will be sent by mail.

No trials or hearings will commence until further notice.  This includes 17-A Guardianships and finalizations of adoptions, unless there is urgency to the application. Trials or hearings that had been adjourned to a date in April, May or June 2020 will be adjourned again.

No citations are being issued until further notice.

The terms of this notice are subject to modification as the need arises.

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