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About Wills and Trusts


Your will is a legal document by which you designate the persons who will receive the assets you own. A will is also the document used to appoint legal guardians for your minor children. Talk to an estate planning lawyer at Adler & Adler to determine what you need in your will and how you can make your wishes clear. We've got you covered from basic wills and trusts to the most sophisticated estate planning strategies designed to protect your beneficiaries and assets.

One of the basic purposes of most trusts is protection. It may be the protection of a spouse, child, parent or dependent that is desired. It may be the protection of a beneficiary against his or her own possible errors of judgment in the management of the trust property. Trusts can also be used to reduce New York State Estate Tax and Federal Estate Tax. Trusts also play an important role in planning for families with children from previous relationships.

Probate and Estate Administration


If you’ve recently lost a loved one, or are helping someone who has, we know this is a challenging time. We are here to help you with estate administration, New York probate and the inheritance process. We guide executors and beneficiaries through the probate and estate administration process, assist them in the transfer of assets and resolution of claims, as well as implementing the decedent’s estate plan.

Estate Tax and Gift Tax


While virtually every American is familiar with the federal income tax, the U.S. Internal Revenue Code contains another system of taxation related to individual wealth: the taxation of the passage of wealth through gratuitous transfers of property by individuals. This overall area of federal taxation is embodied in three separate, but interrelated “taxes”: the estate tax, the gift tax, and the generation skipping transfer tax.  For wealthy families who are affected, these taxes can be significant, and their ultimate impact can often be reduced by careful planning.

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