Divorce Mediation offers a respectful, private process designed to help you and your spouse create lasting agreements without fighting in court.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a private process. You and your spouse will meet with Attorney Robert Adler, who will be acting in the capacity of a mediator. Robert will help you determine:


  • the division of parenting responsibilities,

  • where your children will live,

  • when your children will spend time with each parent,

  • how parenting decisions will be made, and

  • the resolution of  financial matters relating to division of property, child support, and spousal support.


Robert Adler does not represent either you or your spouse in the mediation. As a mediator his goal is to settle the case. As a mediator Robert functions as a "neutral" and is there to support both spouse's equally. If desired, each spouse may have their own attorney to privately consult with between mediation sessions. 

Upon the successful completion of your divorce mediation process a legal contract between you and your spouse will be prepared. At this point, (even if you did not consult with your own attorney during the mediation process), we require that you each retain your own "review attorney" to review the divorce agreement we prepared. Divorce agreements can be complex. Thus, reviewing the agreement with your own personal attorney ensures that the agreement suits your needs. Your "review attorney’s" hourly fee to review your divorce agreement with you is money extremely well spent.


Mediation can work for you and your spouse if:

  • You are focused on your children’s well being. Research shows (and common sense indicates) that when there is less parental conflict during and after divorce, children adjust better.

  • You desire a positive post-divorce co-parenting relationship. Mediation offers an opportunity to improve and keep lines of communication open for future cooperation as parents.

  • Despite hurt or anger, you want to keep the process as civil and peaceful as possible.

  • You don't want to spend tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary court costs and lawyers’ fees.

  • You want to maintain some control and dignity during a very difficult time. In many cases the "war footing" winner/loser mentality of the litigation process can aggravate the situation. Mediation rests on the premise that each person has legitimate concerns.

Mediation is not for you if:


  • There is a history, threat or fear of violence in the family.

  • There is a high level of animosity between you and your spouse.

  • You are out for revenge. If you believe your spouse is out for revenge.

  • Being in the same room with your spouse triggers headaches or panic attacks

  • You have difficulty advocating for yourself.

  • Your spouse refuses to disclose financial information or you believe your spouse is hiding assets. (Good faith negotiation is impossible if one person is hiding assets or withholding important information.​)

Common Concerns About Mediation

I’ll be pushed into agreeing to something that is not in my best interests.

Robert will keep you on track and help you find win-win solutions. Remember, you can return to the adversarial process at any time. Plus you will have your own "review attorney" to review the divorce agreement before you commit to it.

The sessions will deteriorate into rehashing old arguments.

There will likely be some conflict in the mediation. However, Robert will not allow name-calling or abusive behavior. Blaming and counter blaming will be redirected back to the objectives of the mediation -- resolution of the issues at hand.

My spouse is unreasonable... we would never make progress.

As a neutral party, Robert asks questions aimed at surfacing the concerns underneath the positions staked out. When an individual feels heard and understood they are much more likely to act in a reasonable way.


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